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Happy Holidays!

There's nothing at all like seeing a flawlessly designed home with amazing lights to commence the holiday seasons arrival. We want to see our customer’s faces shining bright with our spectacular holiday lighting displays. Nothing is greater than the magic that accompanies the holiday season, and what could be greater than your home or business coming alive with the enchantment that holiday lighting brings.

  • Professional Installation
  • Lights up to 100Ft
  • Water-proofing
  • Extension Cords
  • Clips Or Staples

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"I've been a customer of SRG Local Holiday Lighting for 5 Years & couldn't be more pleased with the service & results they've provided! I would recommend this to anyone looking to enjoy a festive Holiday season. The customer service ranks above superb and I am the envy of the neighborhood!"!"

Bruce Henson

Stress free installations we can provide the lighting or hang the lights you provide for us to hang up.

  • Professional Installation 
  • Lights up to 100Ft
  • Water-proofing 
  • Extension Cords 
  • Clips Or Staples 

Easy, flexible scheduling with possibility of same day installations.

****2 & 3 Story Homes & Trees Over 15 Ft Tall (Are Extra)*****

Quick removal scheduled with installation.

C-9 Holiday Lights

Icicle Lights

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Mini Lights

Wrapping Trees & Shrubs

Icicle lights offer a beautiful winter looking giving the illusion that your home is nestled in under a winter storm. We have found hooks are better equipped to hang icicle lights in order to give the vision of actual icicles hanging from your roof. This type of lighting also comes in LED and usually are hung from the trim of the house around the roof line and up each side of the home. A larger property we usual recommend LED icicle lights to ensure viewing pleasure as well as saving on electricity. Cuddle up with some hot cocoa and enjoy the winter storm right in your own front yard!

  • Professional Installation 
  • Lights up to 100Ft
  • Water-proofing 
  • Extension Cords 
  • Clips Or Staples

C-9 Holiday Lights come in Multi-Color or Clear bulbs, and we are proud to offer you both. The clear lights give a more classic look to the lighting while the multi-color give a fun, festive, atmosphere which is perfect for the little ones. Installation for these lights are done with clips or staples we can accommodate either type of install depending on your own personal preferences. C-9 lights also come in LED which give a brighter more clean, crisp illumination. The C-5, C-6, and C-7 lights are the same as the C-9 lights as far on the brightness scale but just differ in bulb size. We recommend the C-9 to ensure a beautiful, visible display.

  • Professional Installation 
  • Lights up to 100Ft
  • Water-proofing 
  • Extension Cords 
  • Clips Or Staples 

Mini lights are smaller lights usually used to decorate trees and shrubbery as well as the garage areas. They come in standard clear and multi-colored and if requested we can order LED mini lights special order.

  • Professional Installation 
  • Up to 3hrs of Labor
  • Parts Customer Provided
  • Clips Customer Provided

Shrubbery can be wrapped with either mini lights or with nets depending on the preference of the customer. The end result is the same in either case. We also can wrap up trees giving them a gorgeous classic display. Smaller tree wrappings are wrapped with mini lights unless otherwise requested. For larger trees and better display coverage we recommend C-9 lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I decided to cancel?

A. You can cancel anytime just give us a 48hr Notice. 

Q. If I provide the lights will you install them?

A. Of course just select the installation only package.

Q. If I need more then one package what do I do?

A. You can select multiple packages for larger size homes. 

Q. What happens if you install and then the lights go out?

A. We have our installer go out within 24hrs to resolve the problem

Q. Can I keep the lights?

A. Yes you can at no additional cost. 

Q. Do you take the lights down?

A. Yes we can take the lights down its a 75$ take fee. 

Q. I am not sure which package to choose what can I do?

A. Choose the package that you like the most & when our installer arrives you can let them know and they can switch the lights       for you.

Q. If i pick a package & then change my mind on the type of lights what happens?

A. No problem just let us know & we can switch lights for you.

Q. Do you do house calls for estimates?

A. Unfortunately do to the large volume of calls we do not.  But in most circumstances you can work with our installer on larger       scale project. 

Q. Are you Licensed & Insured?

A. Yes we are we Licensed Insured & Bonded. 

Q. Can you help with a 2 Story Home?

A. Yes we can just select the package you like Just remember any installation over 15feet is billed at an extra $75.00

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